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*** Acoustic Design ***

Bone conductive hearing aid
Stage : Prototyping
Abstract : Treble/Mid/Bass equalized power amplifier and headphone.

Quasi-VALKEE effect lighting earphone.
Stage : Prototyping


*** Optical Design ***

Ring type LED light.
Stage : Prototyping
Abstract : Extra-small size LED light driven by a small button battery.


*** Mechanical Design service***

According to the request from Pirate3D (Singapore), we designed the casing of 3D Printer named BUCCANEER. Stage : Mass production
Abstract : Casing design. 20 of plastic parts, 4 of metal parts and 9 of rubber parts.
CAD system : UG-NX , SolidWorks.



*** Electrical Design service***

According to the request from NSP Tech Pte Ltd (Singapore),we did co-development of a power supply circuit for LED lights with EASTOOL INDUSTRIES (Malaysia).
Stage : Prototyping
Abstract : Multi-voltage, very small and low price with non-flickering.

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*** Others ***